Operations in West Louisiana

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Battle of Fort Bisland - April 13th 1863

A little history

In April 1863, Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks launched an expedition up Bayou Teche in western Louisiana aimed at Alexandria. On April 9, two divisions crossed Berwick Bay from Brashear City to the west side at Berwick. On the 12th, a third division went up the Atchafalaya River to land in the rear of Franklin intending to intercept a Rebel retreat from Fort Bisland or turn the enemy’s position.

Maj. Gen. Richard Taylor sent Col. Tom Green’s regiment to the front to ascertain the enemy’s strength and retard his advance. On the 11th, the Yankees began their advance in earnest. Late on the 12th, Union troops arrived outside the defenses in battle line. An artillery barrage ensued from both sides until dark when the Yankees, many of whom were hit by Rebel cannon fire, fell back and camped for the night. About 9:00 am on the 13th, the Union forces again advanced on Fort Bisland. Combat did not begin until after 11:00 am and continued until dusk. 

Later that night, Taylor learned that the Yankee division that went up the Atchafalaya and landed in his rear was now in a position to cut off a Confederate retreat. Taylor began evacuating supplies, men, and weapons, leaving a small force to retard any enemy movement. The next morning, the Yankees found the fort abandoned. Fort Bisland was the only fortification that could have impeded this Union offensive, and it had fallen.


Battle of Fort Bisland_20211108 (Historical)

Game installation requires owning the original JTS Forgotten game

Battle of Lecompte - May 1st 1863

A little fantasy

Under pressure from Banks' 19th Corps, Richard Taylor's meager troops had to abandon their positions at Fort Bisland and retreat progressively to Lecompte, not far from Alexandria.
Kirby Smith, determined not to deliver Alexandria to the Unionists, forbade Taylor to retreat any further, while promising him additional reinforcements.

This hypothetical scenario gives General Richard Taylor the opportunity to make a counter-attack against Banks' positions around Cheneyville. Reinforced by 3 brigades (Major's from Texas, Speight's from Arkansas and Allen's from Port Hudson) Taylor would be able to surprise the advanced positions of Dwight's and Weitzel's Union brigades .

With 7 brigades and powerful artillery at his disposal, General Banks must be able to hold his positions and take possession of Lecompte before the end of the day.


Battle of Lecompte_20230209 (Whatif)

Game installation requires owning the original JTS Forgotten game

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