Engagement at Big Bethel

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Battle of Big Bethel - June 10th 1861

A little history

Brigadier General Benjamin Butler ordered Major Theodore Winthrop to develop a plan to drive the Confederates back up the peninsula. Winthrop’s plan called for two columns of 4000 troops, under the overall command of Brigadier General Ebenezer Peirce, to converge on a enemy outpost at Little Bethel during the night of June 9/10. After securing Little Bethel this force would move on to Big Bethel to defeat any remaining Confederates. The execution of this plan did not go well for Peirce's force. The 5th NY took the wrong road and would not be in position to block a retreat from Little Bethel. During the march the 7th NY would open fire on the 3rd NY inflicting casualties, causing more confusion and delay. Fleeing civilians and the sound of firing had alerted the Confederates in the area. Peirce managed to pull his troops together and resume the march over the objections of some officers. Little Bethel was found abandoned by the Confederates and the march proceeded north. About a mile from Big Bethel Peirce became ill and took shelter in a civilian buggy. He would stay there while his command went into battle. Colonel John B. Magruder was in command of the sparse Confederate troops on the Peninsula. His small force of 1400 Confederates were concealed in earthworks at Big Bethel waiting for the order to open fire on the Union troops.


Battle of Big Bethel_20230319 (Historical & Whatif)

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