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None of the elements contained in this website has a commercial purpose.

Website purpose

This website aims to bring together and share the different scenarios created for the WDS wargames on the Civil War.

All the scenarios are classified by year then by campaign.

Each scenario has a small description text and all the necessary files are available for download under this text.

For the installation of these scenarios in your original WDS games, please see the page Game Setup.


None of these scenarios proposed here contains AI and can therefore only be played in PBEM.

The use of these scenarios requires the possession of the original versions of the WDS wargames (see link page of this website). 


No commercial approach is undertaken via this site and all the scenarios proposed there are free to access and modify.

What's new ?

April 3rd, 2023 :

Release of the battle of Plymouth, april 17th-20th 1864.

Update of the Forgotten Leaders file.

March 19th, 2023 :

                            Release of the battle of Big Bethel, june 10th 1861. Thanks to Doctor Pehpare for the good work!

                            Release of the Peninsula Leaders file.

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