Operations in West Louisiana

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Battle of Bayou Boeuf - May 12th 1863

A little fantasy

As Major General Taylor evacuated Fort Bisland under pressure from Major General Banks' Army of the Gulf, Lieutenant General Kirby Smith understood the importance of holding western Louisiana and thwarting the federal offensive in order to protect, among other things, the stronghold of Port Hudson.
As of April 25, a division from Texas and another from Arkansas converged on Alexandria. Concerned about the defense of Port Hudson, Lieutenant General Pemberton also detached a small division from the garrison.
On the morning of May 12, Kirby Smith, now at the head of an army of 20,000 men, launched a counteroffensive. At the same time Banks launched an offensive on Alexandria with his entire army.
This scenario is a meeting engagement between Kirby Smith's Army of Western Louisiana (14,432 infantry, 5368 cavalry, 55 guns) and Banks's Army of the Gulf (25,401 infantry, 3291 cavalry, 84 guns).



Battle of Bayou Boeuf_20210000 (Whatif)

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