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None of the elements contained in this website has a commercial purpose.

What's new ?

20220106 : Release of the historical battle of Middle Creek between Garfield's 18th Brigade and Marshall's Army of Eastern Kentucky.

20220104 : Release of the whatif battle of Smithfield between Patterson's Department of Pennsylvania and Johnston's Army of the Shenandoah.

20211022 : Release of the meeting engagement of Meherrin river between Huger's Department of Norfolk and Burnside's Coast division .

20211022 : Release of the whatif battle of Sand Hills between Steele's Army of Indian territory and Blunt's Disctrict of the Frontier.


How to install ?

All the scenarios on this site are designed to work with the JTS Antietam game (It is required to have the original versions of JTS Antietam)

- Copy / paste the complete JTS Antietam folder and rename it (for example  "Campaign Custom JTS")

- Download the "Leaders color" and "Units color" files and copy them to the "Info" folder of the new folder.

                                           Leaders color (20220106)

                                           Units color (20211011)

- Then , for each scenario downloaded, process as below :

       - Copy / paste the scn files in the "Scenarios" folder
       - Copy / paste the oob files in the "OOBs" folder
       - Copy / paste the pdt files in the "Data" folder
       - Copy / paste the map files in the "Maps" folder


Do not hesitate to contact me if you encounter any installation difficulties, if you notice any bugs.

All comments intended to improve these scenarios are welcome.

Website purpose

This website aims to bring together and share the different scenarios created for the JTS wargames on the Civil War.

None of the scenarios proposed here contain AI and can therefore only be played in PBEM.

No commercial approach is undertaken via this site and all the scenarios proposed there are free to access and modify.

The use of these scenarios requires the possession of the original versions of the JTS wargames (the link of which is provided in the link page of this site).

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